Our patent for the Caffitaly® *, Caffitaly® * Professional® *, K-fee® * and Tchibo® * system compatible capsules

The brand new Gimoka capsules compatible with Caffitaly® *, Caffitaly® * Professional and K-Fee® * are made with three layers of PP/EVOH/PP with an oxygen barrier and an aluminium lid to guarantee the best seal possible.
PP is an unbreakable plastic material with strong heat resistance, guaranteeing excellent performance to high temperatures.
EVOH forms a good barrier to oxygen and water vapour and is therefore used to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product inside.

Our patent for the Caffitaly® *, Caffitaly® * Professional® *, K-fee® * and Tchibo® * System Compatible capsules

Gruppo Gimoka has designed and patented new capsules compatible with the Caffitaly® system featuring a new design for an excellent quality cup and also suitable for making soluble drinks such as hot chocolate, barley, ginseng and milk drinks

1. The hot water injected takes up the volume above the coffee panel
2. The micro-perforated film works like a shower and spreads hot water evenly over the entire surface
3. Thanks to the filter with calibrated holes (which determine the pressure and flow), you get the right amount of coffee extracted. The new lower plastic filter is fixed and sealed to the capsule body through an ultrasonic seal, so no water is lost or coffee powder escapes through the side. The aluminium barrier on the bottom opens when the group head is closed through the capsule gusset system, a patent owned by Gruppo GIMOKA
4. The coffee is dispensed into the cup through an opening on the bottom of the capsule


Our Julia machine, which only works with our capsules compatible with the Caffitaly® system, therefore gives you a closed system which can make both coffee and soluble drinks

• Perforating parts in the brewing unit and capsule release mechanisms designed to improve the quality of your drink and to make the machine better to operate
• An elegant design with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean
• Removable water tank with a hinged lid: 0.7 l. capacity
• Direct hot water supply from the dispenser for Americano coffees
• Double cup tray suitable for various sized cups
• Detachable drip collection tray for easy cleaning




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