Since its foundation, Gimoka Group has pursued two goals: providing quality coffee to whoever wants it and becoming the “roaster of choice” by creating an integrated all-channel and all-product supply chain that is accessible to all. Today, Gimoka Group is one of Italy’s leading hot beverage companies operating internationally, which provides a wide range of products for all sales channels. In recent years, the historical core business of the roasting company has expanded to include the production of soluble beverages for the Home and Out Of Home channel, with a focus on the development of allergen-free products that are suitable for the growing demand for diets that do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Gimoka Group operates with the aim of spreading its love affair with coffee and quality soluble beverages to everybody and at every home, café, office and other catering outlets, providing the ideal product for each consumer, drawing on its widespread, international distribution and depth of range to satisfy all tastes, traditions and consumption patterns. Gimoka Group is, indeed, capable of satisfying all types of demand in terms of raw material, blends, sizes, packaging and technology both for coffee and for a wide range of soluble beverages (tea, barley coffees, ginseng, cappuccinos, chocolate, milk, vegan and allergen-free products).

The two Research & Development centres organised by product category (coffee and solubles) and the direct control of the entire production chain make all this possible. Moreover, the Group maintains tight control over all the stages of the value chain – from development and innovation to production, ensuring optimum efficiency, time to market and service flexibility.

Gimoka Group philosophy: beverages for everyone


Gimoka Group aims to make coffee and soluble beverages part of everyone’s daily routine. It is committed to delivering the right beverage to each individual, irrespective of the country they live in, their tastes, habits,  financial constraints, or the ways and means they are used to enjoy their “coffee breaks”.

Gimoka Group bases its competitive strength on an integrated supply chain – from raw materials through processing and transformation to reaching the consumer through all channels, optimising industrial and logistical efficiency and providing a customisable and competitive service.

Gimoka Group’s approach to sustainability, which is both practical and substantive, drives innovation, respect for working people, and the search for solutions to reduce our impact on our planet.


Gimoka Group was founded in the 1980s as a small roasting company by Ivan Padelli, the current chairman, who has steered it over the years along a path of managerial growth and enhancement of specialist skills, with a focus on the development of blends, process quality, and investments in production and roasting plants. Business development gathered pace in 1990 as a result of major contracts with vending customers. The start of production for the large-scale retail distribution began in 2006, flanked by a significant campaign on TV and deals for sportive sponsorships.

As a result of the partnership with Espresso Italia in 1992, with which it merged in 2015, the Group pioneered the single-serve market and, in 1999, it also moved into the HoReCa channel via the acquisition of CaffèSi. In the following years, Gimoka Group expanded its brand portfolio with the acquisition of the historic brand Caffè Garibaldi (2016) and St Remio (2018), through a partnership with the Australian One Collective Group. With the acquisition of Univerciok in 2019, the Group supplements its range in the traditional Home and Out Of Home channels with the development and production of soluble products and beverages, which are notable for their high quality and innovation (free from, no hydrogenated fats, etc.).

In recent years, the company has bolstered its presence in the B2C via the acquisition of Bonini, a company that has a strong foothold in the e-commerce, a business that is developing very fast as testified by the acquisition of Gimoka Coffee UK. In 2022, a major industrial union brought the historic Calabrian roasting company Caffè Mauro into the Group, with the aim of consolidating its footprint in the leading channels, while still retaining its autonomy, its link with the region and the historically established brand. This agreement is part of a broader Gimoka Group’s strategy, which aims to enrich and complement its brand portfolio with a premium brand to position itself in more markets, even with the purpose to expand the production chain.

The world of Food & Beverage


Gimoka Group forms the production hub of AdAstra, a holding company operating in the Food & Beverage sector, with the intention of charting new development paths, defined by innovation and a focus on sustainability. The holding company also prides itself on a Service Cluster (vending, food services and bar management), thereby reaching out to consumers in each continent, in all the possible ways.

AdAstra was founded on the initiative of the Padelli, Allegrino and Mazzoleni families, united by their shared passion and dedication to their work, bolstered by over 40 years of experience in their respective fields and established relationships in the market. AdAstra’s standard procedure ensures sustained and robust supervision of the entire supply chain and the development of value for all the involved stakeholders, improving its ambition to innovate business models and to be at the apex in its sectors.


Gimoka Group, which started out as a coffee roaster and was one of the Italian leaders in the sector, is today a major beverage group since, in addition to coffee, it is also active in the market of soluble drinks.

Two dedicated Research & Development Centres oversee the development, innovation and aspects of quality of the coffee-based range (beans, ground coffee and single-serve products) and instant beverages (hot and cold ones, single-serving and non-single serving) for the HoReCa, Vending and Home channels.

With over 37,000 tonnes of green coffee annually processed and a further 4,000 tonnes of soluble drinks (*), Gimoka Group is the only company that can provide the broadest and most in-depth product catalogue to all national and international Food & Beverage operators via its diverse business models, enabling it to serve all segments: Home, HoReCa, vending and online channels.

(*) data for year-end 2022
Beans, ground coffee and single-served products


  • A comprehensive catalogue of over 120 different blends, including single origin, certified, organic and fair trade blends.
  • A variety of packaging types for coffee beans and ground coffee: tins, vacuum packs and soft packs.
  • The single-serve catalogue is:
    • Wide-ranging: our catelogue is able to cater for all the most popular compatible systems, with multiple types of beverage extraction systems and patented solutions;
    • In-depth: we provide different types of material (aluminium, plastic, compostable) for the same type of capsule, to enable a targeted segmentation of products, together with different sizes and packaging options, from the traditional one to the various family formats.
Instant mixes for all tastes


Gimoka Group has an extensive range of flavours for instant beverages, which does not only satisfy the tastes of the Italian market (barley coffee, cortado, ginseng, lemon tea, dense chocolate), but also those of many other international markets, such as vanilla cappuccino, irish cappuccino, less thick chocolate, not to mention the fashionable flavours (pistachio, hazelnut), which aim to revitalise the range.

The Research and Development department has selected all certified raw materials that are produced with very low environmental impact processes, which places a great deal of emphasis on safeguarding the environment’s natural systems and cycles. Great care was taken in the selection process with regard to allergens – our products are all gluten free – and some have been formulated to meet the needs of a vegan diet.


Not only multi-category, but also multi-business

The Group’s growth has been assured by a skilful industrial vision, as well as a forward-looking approach to the market – the company is today among the most recognised international players in the world of private labels, as well as being active in the market with its rich brand portfolio.

The Gimoka Group provides a Private Label design service dedicated to large-scale retail companies, HoReCa operators, coffee roasters and vending machine operators, bringing to the table the Group’s expertise, packaging know-how and a modern, efficient fleet of equipment. A dedicated team with established and nimble practices is available to support its partners in the development of private label designs with varying levels of customisation.

Leadership that is recognised as a Private Label partner has also led the Gimoka Group to develop co-packer relationships for as many world leaders in the roaster business; hence the name “roaster of roasters”.

High-end industrial efficiency via smart factory 4.0

Aability in processing high volumes

Continual product and packaging innovation

High level of customisation of private label projects

Decades of experience with international partners

Our 4.0 company


In the area of production, the Gimoka Group strives to improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of its coffee processing and packaging processes by using modern, state-of-the-art plants designed with a 4.0 perspective, which has enabled it to achieve energy savings of 30% in 2022 against a 40% increase in production.

This new generation of interconnected machines facilitates the analysis of big data, which is regarded as an indispensable management tool towards optimal research into efficiency and quality. This permits high levels of productivity, preventive scheduling of maintenance stages and remote control of all operations and stages, guaranteeing the operational continuity of the entire production line, from the cleaning of the coffee to the roasting stage, moving on to the grinding stage and ending with the packaging.

Distintive features


Optimising resources and reducing waste

Advanced technologies make for more accurate control and management of production processes. The integration of advanced technologies results in the reduction in food waste.

Production factor efficiency

Automation and process optimisation reduce production costs.

Improved food quality and safety

The Smart Factory provides manufacturers with the capability of continually monitoring environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, during food production and distribution. This makes it possible to prevent potential food safety hazards and ensure stricter quality control.

Environmental sustainability

The Smart Factory fosters sustainability in the food sector. More efficient management of resources, optimisation of production processes and reduction in waste contribute to a lower environmental impact.

Examples of 4.0 machinery


  • 24 Sylos green storage
  • Coffee cleaning system / sortex
  • Control Room
  • 2 Neuhaus air-bed roasters (5000 kg/roasting session)
  • 1 conventional Brambati roaster (4200 kg/roasting session)
  • 2 conventional roasters 360 kg/roasting session
  • Mauro coffee roaster
  • 5 3-stage grinders
  • Robotic bean, ground and portioned packaging lines
  • Solubles granulator