Gruppo Gimoka is a specialist coffee making company. Its main strength is maintaining control over the entire value chain: from sourcing raw materials to overseeing all the coffee roasting and grinding phases, then continuing with packaging and capsule packing, right through to distributing the end product in all its different forms.
With one Business Unit dedicated to ground coffee and beans and another one for portioned coffee, the company can meet all market needs, offering solutions for the professional channel and for household consumption.
In recent years, Gruppo Gimoka has undertaken a path of managerial growth and improving specialist skills, focusing on developing blends, process quality and investments in production and roasting plants, clearly confirming the boundaries of its core business: all coffee, whether it is ground, in beans or in single-serving packs.
Gruppo Gimoka in its current form has long-standing roots. In fact, its business project was founded towards the late 1980s, thanks to Ivan Padelli’s huge passion for coffee and business acumen. He is the founder and now president of a well-structured company which has grown over time thanks to numerous investments intended to strengthen its presence on the market and which, although it has grown considerably, has always been characterised by its value and passion for work, hallmark features and the epitome of the Made in Italy label.

Group Values

Attention to Quality

Quality achieved by following processes and procedures every day.

Passion for Our Professionalism

Recent investments in infrastructure, logistics and expertise have turned a fervent artisan legacy into a structured managerial organisation.

Customer Orientation

Our added value lies in our ability to listen and pick up on customers’ needs. The Group builds strong relationships with its partners and strives to develop customised solutions in terms of private labels and blends.

Extent of Range

Thanks to its brands, the Group can offer a wide variety of high-tech products, such as ground coffee and beans, portioned coffee and blends.

Focus On Procedures

Supplier traceability systems, consistent production processes, and the development of parameters guarantee the success of each blend.

Our Integrated Process







Gruppo Gimoka has risen to the challenge of the essential issues of environmental sustainability and the circular economy (which require materials to be reused over subsequent production cycles, minimising any waste, as well as the use of renewable energy sources, while promoting compostable product solutions), actively working to develop packaging solutions that meet the following criteria:

  • To be easily recyclable, in line with EU Directive 852/2018 which will be enforced by 2025, and by working on single materials. For example, plastic as such should not be demonised; if properly managed as waste and recycled, it is a type of accessible, functional and sustainable packaging. Our prospective commitment is to use single materials (in the capsule body and lid) to make sure they are easier to recycle. The same goes for aluminium capsules: this material is recyclable and therefore sustainable insofar as infrastructures for recycling it are running.
  • To be compostable, or transferable to the industrial composting chain for organic recycling. Here the challenge is the use of bioplastics which, in addition to ensuring that the capsule works brilliantly, can work like an oxygen barrier to avoid an acceptable product shelf life without having to resort to cover wrapping or additional packaging which might be difficult to dispose of.

This is not all Gruppo Gimoka has done; it has also adopted a “Design For Recycling” approach by setting up a cross-sector research team committed to developing concrete solutions focused on sustainable development and the circular economy. There are a few tangible examples of this below:

1) In terms of innovation, we are increasingly committed to finding solutions with a lower weight and thickness but with the same functionality, such as the new Nespresso compatible capsule that we are launching onto the market right now, the material weight of which is 50% lighter thanks to the innovative application of co-injection technology.

2) We also pay attention to issues of recyclability and compostability with secondary packaging; this issue naturally fades into the background, but actually risks jeopardising the effort made with the capsule. As proof of this, we should mention the “aroma safe” flow pack, which we launched in the last few months of 2018, and is obviously compostable like the pods.

3) Again in the field of Design for Recycling, our commitment spans to developing solutions that minimise transport and storage logistics costs. These issues have a significant impact on the environment when considered altogether.

Sustainability: areas of action

Maximising Packaging Recyclability
Compostable Packaging
Use of Renewable Resources
Design for minimising the logistics impact of the Pack Designs

Efficient industrial process
Highly environmentally efficient roasters
Sharing the value created with coffee growers through programmes to fund their businesses
UTZ certifications

Sustainability: investments

Gruppo Gimoka is embracing the goal of sustainable development and is committed to following a corporate responsibility model in terms of production by adopting:
1. Next-gen roasting systems
with the highest environmental efficiency
2. Nitrogen production plant for packaging coffee and soluble drinks with the lowest environmental impact possible

Our Certifications

Gruppo Gimoka is focused on the issues of sustainability, quality and safety. This is why it has obtained BRC certification for agri-food safety among supply chain suppliers. Furthermore, by following the IFS standard, it can guarantee safe products that meet contractual specifications and legal requirements. 4C Association, UTZ and Fairtrade certify the sustainability of coffee growing and fairer sourcing phases.