Private label for LAVAZZA® * FIRMA® * and Keurig® * Rivo® * compatible capsules

Thanks to its know-how and a cutting-edge production line, Gruppo Gimoka can meet any customer needs.
We design the perfect product in terms of quality by choosing the best blend and type of capsule for the commercial purposes as well as the best packaging for the sales channel (supermarkets, retail and sellers).
Our staff will support the customer in all decision-making stages while guaranteeing that they get the finest quality product. Gruppo Gimoka is always at the cutting edge of new capsules released onto the market thanks to its new production lines that can be easily modified so you always get a next-gen product.
The single-portion market is a constantly evolving world and always keeping up-to-date with it is very important for good product positioning.

Capsules, thermoformed and self-preserving, fully compatible with all Lavazza® * Firma® * and Keurig® * Rivo® machines

The weight of the coffee is 7 g, also with the option of customising with soluble products (sugar-free lemon tea and ginseng coffee)

  • An excellent quality cup of coffee, the same as the original system thanks to a different concept of capsule development
  • Easier to take out the coffee pod due to the more even flow of water thanks to the micro-perforated film
  • The group head works perfectly with the system’s machines


50 or 100 CAPSULE PACK

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