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Private Label for No US MARKET for capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines for home use

Thanks to its know-how and many cutting-edge production lines, Gruppo Gimoka can meet any customer needs for making private label capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines for home use. To make private label compatible capsules we first of all study the product in terms of quality or choose the right blend and we then identify the best capsule depending on the commercial purposes and finally we select the best packaging for the sales channel together with the customer (supermarkets, retail and sellers).

Our staff will support the customer in all decision-making stages while guaranteeing that they get the finest quality product in line with its market and offering the best value for money possible. Gruppo Gimoka is always at the cutting edge of new capsules released onto the market and it can now produce the widest range of capsules possible.

The capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines for home use can be made in 5 different types of capsules, from the brand new aluminium capsule to the compostable capsule, plus three types of plastic capsule, so you always get the best solution depending on the relevant market.

Injection capsule, functions certified by Hanse Control, an independent certification body that reassures consumers.
Thermoformed capsule with an aluminium base. High-performance seal system and maximum compatibility with all machines.
Thermoformed capsule with an aluminium base developed and patented by Gruppo Gimoka with outstanding performance
Aluminium capsule offering the best coffee protection and a superb cup of coffee
Compostable capsule with high barrier of oxygen and humidity. Colored and customizable with IML technology; TUV certified, INDUSTRIAL COMPOST and BIO BASED

Our aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines for home use

• aluminium capsule with a complete oxygen barrier
• 100% compatible tested by the SGS independent laboratory with the 10 best-selling household Nespresso®* machines
• excellent sealing system for the capsule top
• special PVC-free capsule
• patented design
• FTO vs Nespresso® and JDE
• shelf-life: 24 months
• Capsule volume: 13.00 ml

No major risk of breaches with the sealing mechanism

Positive results about issuing and searching for patents through high-level international law firms

No major risk of breaches with the sealing mechanism

Positive international search report and written opinion from WIPO regarding the pending patent (WO2016174671)

No major risk of breaches with all parts of the capsule. Positive patentability search.

Second opinion confirming that there is no risk of breaches for all parts of the capsule

Capsules compostable compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines for home use


  • A longer shelf life of 18 months guaranteed
  • Compatibility tested with all Nespresso* system machines
  • NO GMOs
  • NO allergens


The IML label is made with coated cellulose.

  • oxygen barrier
  • bio-based
  • compost certified

The cellulose film biodegrades very quickly and releases the CO2 which was absorbed by the plant (plant sources) a few months before it was produced, thereby not adding to increased greenhouse gases.

Preserves the coffee from moisture and air, saving the aroma bouquet

More compact recyclable cardboard packs, 
less space taken up on the shelf

NO cover wrapping

FSC: boxes from an eco-sustainable paper-wood supply chain

Logistics savings (transport and storage) 

Packaging sizes

BOX OF 10/20/30

BOX OF 50/100


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