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Your partner for pods compatible with Nespresso* Professional* System

Thanks to its know-how and a cutting-edge production line, Gruppo Gimoka can meet any customer needs.
We design capsules compatible with the Nespresso* Professional* system in terms of quality or in the choice of the best blend and type of grinding for the relevant market.
Our staff will support the customer in all decision-making stages while guaranteeing that they get the finest quality product.
Our pods compatible with the Nespresso* Professional* system are made in various blends and we will soon be able to make compostable capsules that are compatible with Nespresso* Professional*.

This range of aluminium pods has been carefully developed to offer an alternative solution to the well-known original pod, which is often found in offices, for coffee breaks during meetings and conferences, in restaurants, B&Bs and any time a good coffee goes hand in hand with excellent service.

Technical Key Drivers for the project:
• 100% compatibility with the original machines
• Perfect compactness, volume and pressure of the coffee inside the pods
• Coffee: 6 g
• Optional customised screen-printed pods



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