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Our coffees

Our coffee comes from all over the world, Central and South America, Africa and Asia.
By working directly on the plantation, our team of expert tasters can select the finest quality raw materials.
The traceability, colour checks, moisture and bean levelling systems help bring out the best of every coffee.
Individual coffee types are blended ad hoc by developing blends with refined sensory aromas that meet market demand and customer requirements.


Thanks to the selection, sourcing, processing and roasting processes, the coffee is then sent to the Beans & Ground Coffee or Portioned Coffee Departments.
Thanks to a major industrial plan, both Business Units are equipped with a highly automated, extremely efficient and fully upgraded series of packaging machines that can improve the quality of the end product. (more info)
The Beans & Ground Coffee Department is equipped with 12 packaging lines that help package ground coffee and beans in various vacuum packs, soft packs and cans.
The Gruppo Gimoka Portioned Coffee Department has the know-how and a cutting-edge industrial set-up for capsule packing and packaging technology, as every type of portioning system requires specific parameters to be developed so it can provide and guarantee a high-quality cup of coffee as promised.
The coffee must be suitably ground; this phase is done with a multi-stage grinding system that helps produce the desired grind size for that specific type of capsule.
Next up, the coffee is transferred into connected silos so it can be degassed for a period of time determined by the blend and the desired type of supply.
25 recently installed, highly modern and efficient system lines mean the company can carry out any Private Label project in the world of portioned coffee. In fact, in recent years, Gruppo Gimoka has chosen to develop its own distinctive offer on the market, speeding up investments in Research & Development so it can offer single-portion systems compatible with the most common methods around the world (Nespresso*, Nespresso Professional*, Nescafè* Dolce Gusto*, Lavazza* A Modo Mio*, Caffitaly*, Delizio*, Senseo*, k-Cup, paper pods, etc).

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