2 Closed systems with self-protected capsules

From Gruppo Gimoka’s tradition and experience comes this exclusive protected system that is perfect for office and medium-small venue breaks that safeguards managers’ investments. Thanks to the company’s patented multi-beverage machine and GM2 and GM3 self-protected capsules, it will actually be possible to offer a closed solution for excellent quality drinks (coffee and soluble beverages), which is guaranteed by the machine’s outstanding operating performance and by the optional customisation of certain dispensing parameters.


The thermoformed capsules for the GM3 closed system are:
• self-protected and will therefore preserve the aroma of the coffee over time
• flexible and designed to provide various types of coffee
(from espresso to long coffee, containing up to 6.5 g of coffee) and soluble drinks
• made from easily recyclable single material
• proprietary system
This type of capsule will also soon be available in a compostable version, which can be recycled or put in T܁V-certified industrial composting


A strong, intense blend for an enveloping, full-bodied espresso. You can sense a combined aroma of bitter cocoa and nuts.

A blend with an intense, bold and enveloping flavour, perfect for any time of day when you want the right boost of energy.

The Arabica provides a pleasantly fruity note featuring sweet aromas of toasted almond and honey. The additional dash of robusta enhances its intense aromas.

A 100% Arabica blend made from Central American and South American coffee. Very aromatic with notes of nuts and a pleasant, balanced acidity thanks to the medium roasting.

Thanks to its decaffeination process, this blend offers all the full, delicate taste of coffee, preserving its aroma and flavour.


A ginseng drink featuring perceptible notes of caramel, naturally gluten-free and perfect for boosting your energy levels.

With its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, barley turns every break into a moment for you to completely recover.

A delicious white cloud rich in protein for the best start to the day.

A delicious cocoa-flavoured drink with a unique, intense taste, perfect for a tasty, high-energy break at any time of day.

A thirst-quenching drink with a delicate citrusy flavour and an enjoyable sweetness. You can sense its floral and honey notes.

Comfortable and elegant boxes of 16

All the blends are offered in boxes of 16 original capsules featuring fully customisable graphics based on your needs.


A compact machine with a specially developed group head for the GM3 capsule, featuring an ad hoc designed mechanism to perforate and release the capsule to guarantee a high-quality drink.

GM2 closed system capsules

All the blends are offered in tubes of 10 original capsules featuring fully customisable graphics based on your needs and the option of having either aromas of coffee or soluble drinks


• Perforating parts in the brewing unit and capsule release mechanisms designed to improve the quality of your drink and to make the machine better to operate
• An elegant design with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean
• Removable water tank with a hinged lid: 0.7 l. capacity
• Direct hot water supply from the dispenser for Americano coffees
• Double cup tray suitable for various sized cups
• Detachable drip collection tray for easy cleaning


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