The Gimoka Group

Gruppo Gimoka is one of the main roasteries in Italy in terms of volume of raw coffee processed annually. Founded in the 1980s, the company has developed over time to become a major international player and currently exports to over 50 countries. The group recently expanded its business by acquiring a company specialising in the development and production of instant drinks, so it could improve and complement its offer in the traditional channels of the home, offices and Ho.Re.Ca.
It is organised into two Business Units: Ground Coffee and Beans and Portioned Coffee (pods and capsules) to ensure it has technological control over the essential phases and processes of coffee processing and packaging.
The group has 3 production sites (with a total of 27 highly automated production lines, not to mention the assembly and packaging lines) all located around Andalo Valtellino, as well as 3 logistics warehouses covering an area of over 9,000 m2.


Here at Gimoka, you will not only find coffee specialists who follow every bean from harvest to when it is packaged into capsules, but you will also find instruments and machinery for processing green coffee into the best capsule coffee… It is not enough just knowing how to blend and roast it for an unforgettable cup of coffee, other phases are also essential, such as grinding with special complex industrial grinders and pre-capsule degassing phases

One of the first 3 roasteries in Italy, with 4 production sites
Raw Coffee
26000 tonnes of raw coffee
500 million proprietary compatible capsules in 2019
4 Roasters
2 x Neuhaus Neotec RFB 400 roasters, 2 x 360 kg Scolari rotary drum roasters
Private Label
More than 65 Key Customers
12% of turnover invested and 24 patents filed
We have a presence in over 50 countries
Over 90 blends from 17 different countries

Private Label… Why choose us?

Gruppo Gimoka is well-known in the sector as a Private Label partner with high-quality and innovative standards, counting worldwide roasting companies and supermarket chains among its main customers. This is the result of its specific strategic decision to maximise control over the supply chain upstream and downstream, putting itself in the position where it can tackle international competitive challenges and gain greater control over all the tricky phases of the value chain.

Complete Range
Our series of machines lets us carry out any project in the world of portioned coffee
90 blends
We have a catalogue of 90 different blends, including 20 UTZ certified, 5 Fairtrade and 8 Organic
Optional customised packaging and size thanks to our fully upgraded series of packaging machines
Design for Recycling
We develop solutions that minimise transport and storage logistics costs

The Group’s Brand Portfolio


Gruppo Gimoka’s passion for coffee stretches to all the sector’s processing phases, thanks to its expertise developed over time. Gimoka is a multi-product company: the technological know-how it has acquired allows the Group to meet various market needs in terms of extraction solutions.

To meet a constantly evolving marketplace, Gimoka has introduced new process and product quality standards, while increasing its quality checks. It has improved its blends, invested in production and supply chain processes, and studied roasting curves in the lab, improving quality and ensuring a consistent aroma profile.
The company has put its highest priority on food safety, installing cameras and ad hoc procedures to manage allergens.

Tonnes of Raw Coffee a day
Capsules per minute
Capsules per day
Roasting kg/h capacity

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