The agreement between the two historic roasters creates an important industrial aggregation between two Italian players in the sector.

Andalo Valtellino, May 20, 2022 – Gimoka Group, one of the leading roasting companies in Italy, and Caffè Mauro, a historic high-end Calabrian roasting company with a history of more than 70 years, announce that they have reached an agreement that creates an important industrial aggregation between two Italian players in the sector.

This aggregation was created with the aim of creating new synergies and placing the two businesses in the best conditions to face the new phase of their path of consolidation and growth: on the one hand, Gruppo Gimoka enriches and completes its brand portfolio with a high-end brand such as Caffè Mauro; on the other hand, Caffè Mauro, thanks to Gruppo Gimoka will be able to strengthen and consolidate its presence in its reference markets, integrating and enhancing the skills and assets of the individual companies.

“This agreement is part of the Group’s broader strategy,” said Ivan Padelli, President of Gimoka Group, “which aims to reach the end consumer with a view to expanding the production chain. Our skills and size, combined with Caffè Mauro’s heritage of quality, can bring added value and support the recovery of the sector, consolidating and expanding our positioning. With Fabrizio Capua, our Group has decided to enthusiastically embark on this path together, in full respect of the tradition and values that have always distinguished us and for which both Gruppo Gimoka and Caffè Mauro are recognized ambassadors of Made in Italy.”

The entry of Caffè Mauro into Gruppo Gimoka, through Holding Capua Investments, will take place under the banner of continuity and integration, with Fabrizio Capua remaining Chairman of the Board of Directors of Caffè Mauro and at the same time joining the Board of Directors of Gruppo Gimoka.”I am particularly proud of the agreement announced today as it sanctions the first real aggregation between two coffee specialists that are totally Italian-owned and between entrepreneurial families that share the same values, the same passion for the sector and the same entrepreneurial vision of the future,” said Fabrizio Capua, President and CEO of Caffè Mauro. “I believe these are the truly indispensable ingredients to successfully face the consolidation and growth phase that awaits us and to continue to serve customers in Italy and abroad with the best possible product and service.

Gimoka Group

Gruppo Gimoka continues to be a successful business entity, confirming its position among the leading players at the national level. With a recorded turnover in 2021 of about 120 million euros, the Group is active in Italy and in 50 countries around the world. Thanks to a plan to modernize production, roasting and packaging facilities, the result of an investment of nearly 50 million euros over the past five years, the company stands out for its high efficiency and organization according to an Industry 4.0 logic. With two product categories, coffee and solubles, the Group is now able to meet all the needs expressed by the market, offering solutions for both the Home and Out-of-Home channels, with three business models (Co-packing, Private Label and own Brand) and a multichannel approach. It is recognized in the industry as a partner of Private Label solutions with high quality and innovative standards, placing it among the leading incubators of the world’s largest roasters. This achievement is the result of the strategic choice to maximize control of the supply chain, putting it in a position to face international competitive challenges and acquire greater control over all stages of the value chain.

Caffè Mauro

Caffè Mauro is a historic Italian roasting company, founded by Demetrio Mauro in 1949 in Reggio Calabria, which today produces and exports its coffee to more than 60 countries around the world where it is a symbol of the great culture of Italian-style blends. In 2009 the holding company “Capua Investments” founded by Fabrizio Capua, takes over Caffè Mauro with the aim of supporting it, both with financial resources and in strategic terms, in the process of growth and consolidation of the brand. The company enters a reorganization phase necessary to acquire a more adequate competitive positioning and a more correct valorization – on the national and international market – of its heritage of experience and quality of more than 70 years of activity.

Now that the reorganization is complete, Caffè Mauro has returned to being an Italian business reality recognized worldwide for its quality and tradition, with a structure operating on all distribution channels, Home and Out-of-Home, and a widespread sales network organized in Italy and abroad.  The company stands on a total area of 35,000 square meters and operates with a 6,000-square-meter plant in Villa San Giovanni (RC), which combines cutting-edge technology and process automation with the experience of a team of managers and technicians who follow and control every single stage of the production process.

A dedicated quality control laboratory constantly verifies that the strictest national and international quality standards are met. Passion for coffee and spreading its culture are an integral part of Caffè Mauro’s philosophy. From these principles, the Beyond the Cup Coffee Academy was born. A place for training and sharing that provides customers and coffee shop operators with valuable know-how through dedicated courses, exclusive recipes, and all the secrets to making the perfect coffee and cappuccino. Its managers, certified Master Bar Tenders, transfer the experience of roasting with the aim of updating the extraction techniques and professionalism of those in the industry.

 May 20, 2022