Gruppo Gimoka presents at Host 2023 its multi-channel offer, inspired by the corporate purpose “to offer everyone, every day, their own cup of joy”

  • Gruppo Gimoka presents a stand divided into the sales channels Home, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending, office solutions and Hotels presenting innovative proposals to consumers and professionals in the sector
  • For the Home range, the new 100% recyclable mono-material packaging was presented, as well as the trendiest new flavours compatible with Nescafè Dolce Gusto* and Nespresso aluminium capsules and the Caffitaly compatible soluble capsule range. Not to mention the range of compostable ESE paper pods and sachet
  • The Re.Ca range is enriched with two new blends such as Palladium 100% Arabica and Decaf in 500 g format. With regard to complementary instant beverages, the Ginseng and Chai varieties with all-vegetable ingredients will be launched
  • The Vending segment presents the innovative proposal of plant-based instant products and the GM3 closed system, designed for breaks in small leases (offices, B&Bs and shops), able to protect the operator’s investments
  • Also on the stand is Remio, which exhibits two new blends dedicated to the Out of Home channel: St. Grace, 100% Arabica, and St. Anne Marie, robust Arabica, both Rain Forest certified.
  • To complete the Group’s offer, the sections dedicated to Lamborghini, a brand licensed for the exclusive use of Gruppo Gimoka.
  • Finally, G break: a pocket cream with dark chocolate and 100% Arabica coffee, packaged in practical single-dose blisters.

Milan, 13 October 2023. A stand to explore a complete and multi-channel offer, which responds to the latest market needs and increasingly projects the Group as an international reference point for both Home and Out of Home. Gruppo Gimoka presents itself at Host 2023 with its product lines promoted through a stand that encapsulates the essence of its corporate purpose: “To offer everyone, every day, their own Cup of Joy“.

A message that is reflected in its offer designed for the various channels and that present new refined tastes to meet the different palates, plant-based drinks for those looking for something different and sustainable solutions and mono-material packs for those looking for sustainability.

The stand is divided by sales channels: Home, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending, office solutions and Instant coffee, presenting innovative proposals to consumers and professionals in the sector.

Home Range

The part of the stand dedicated to the Home range presents new packaging solutions, such as the sustainable one in mono-material for the packaging of Coffee Beans, 100% recyclable and with an excellent oxygen barrier.

In addition to this important innovation in terms of sustainability, the extensive catalogue of Nescafè Dolce Gusto varieties includes new beverages with the trendiest flavours and a new instant plant-based line, such as Cappuccino, chocolate, Ginseng and Matcha with an exclusive plant base.

It will also be the stage for the presentation of the range of Nespresso aluminium compatible capsules for instant beverages, packaged in elegant sleeves, which, through an explosion of flavours, from caramel to pistachio and hazelnut, cross new consumption trends and enrich a coffee range that, this year, has obtained recognition from Altroconsumo.

Also present is the new line of beverages, classic taste and new trendy flavours, from the Caffitaly compatible capsule range available in 20-caps spare sizes.

At the stand visitors will also find Delia, the practical and functional machine for extracting an excellent coffee from paper pods that completes the ESE paper pods range, available not only in the classic sachet but also in the compostable and paper wrapper.

Also on display are the ground and beans line for the home in the new elegant pack, intended for the premium segment, with 100% velvety Arabica offered in the Rain Forest Certified version for both grains and ground.

Ho.Re.Ca Range

The stand also features a section dedicated to the traditional Gimoka range for Bar professionals, which is enriched with two new highly selected blends such as the Arabica Palladium in beans, in a 1 kg package, and the Decaf in a 500 g format. Palladium is a 100% Arabica blend, with a fruity and citrus aroma and hints of caramel; a blend with a medium degree of roasting and a balanced acidity. The Decaf blend, on the other hand, always has a medium level of roasting but the aroma recalls the pleasant hints of milk chocolate, dried fruit and spices.


Univerciok, in its dedicated section, presents its traditional and wide line of products for professional use, dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, which enriches the Coffee offer of bars and various leases.

With two different lines of hot chocolate in the cup, one thicker and with an intense taste, the other more delicate like a “drinking chocolate“, offered in various formats, Univerciok meets all the needs of the points of sale and the various tastes expressed by consumers. A new line of milkshake preparations to be made with blender and whisk and a wide range of cold creams for slush machines, ranging from classic cream to coffee, cold chocolate and milk cream, expand the range of proposals of the point of sale and offer the possibility of multiple variations and combinations with coffee products.

The most widely consumed soluble beverages such as ginseng coffee are presented in the various extraction possibilities with dedicated equipment. The range is enriched by Chai and Matcha, beverages widely spread abroad, especially in Northern Europe, offered in a jar with a measuring cup for simple and quick preparation with the steamer of the coffee machine.

In addition to powdered products, Univerciok offers a varied and complete line of tea and leaf infusions packaged in a pyramidal filter, consisting of 15 different blends.


Among the important segments of the Group, on display at the stand, Hotels also plays an important role, with an offer that is characterized by a proposal of complete professional services able to respond to the various and specific needs expressed by customers. The offer focuses on the quality of the beverage dispensed (espresso, instant coffee and fruit juice) that is obtained from the synergistic result of the correct equipment, the expertly developed ingredient and the pre- and post-sales activities.

This is to meet both front- and back-office needs for the various segments in which the offer is divided (Dining, Breakfast, Bar, F&B services in the Room, etc.), also through equipment resulting from decades of know-how, with increasingly sophisticated technical characteristics and 4.0 connections, which testify to the company’s commitment to always be at the forefront, as required by the current economic and social context.


The corner dedicated to the world of vending machines confirms the traditional attention that Gimoka pays to this sector through the innovative proposal of instant plant-based products. A real innovation in the sector that allows the operator to further raise the level of distinctiveness of its offer, offering users new consumption experiences in line with the growing attention to new, high-quality tastes formulated with exclusively vegetable raw materials. A qualitatively high product resulting from an important research and development work, which can be tasted with a vending machine exclusively equipped with the new range of vegetable flavours and with a blend of organic coffee dedicated to the world of Vending.

In the context of vending machines, the GM3 closed system is also presented, designed for breaks in small leases (offices, B&Bs and shops), able to protect the operator’s investments.

A system conceived and developed to guarantee a high-quality service of the beverages dispensed, whether they are coffee or instant drinks, through protected capsules and with the possibility of customising the parameters of the beverages dispensed.

St. Remio

The section of the stand dedicated to St. Remio recalls the brand’s mission, to build the connection between the coffee grower and the consumer; in fact, only by knowing the coffee process, one can fully understand the impact of consumption choices on growers and consequently positively impact their lives.

Since its establishment, St. Remio has invested in supporting coffee producer cooperatives, providing them with tools to combat climate change, develop a sustainable crop and enable them to support their families.

At Host, St. Remio will exhibit its full range of products, with a particular focus on the Out of Home channel, which is completed with two new Rain Forest certified blends: St. Grace, 100% Arabica, and St. Anne Marie, a robust Arabica blend.


The Lamborghini Corner, a brand licensed for the exclusive use of Gruppo Gimoka, will present the coffee range signed by the prestigious company: Dolce Gusto compatible capsule range, Nespresso compatible aluminium range and the 500g bean range.

G break

Finally, G break a creamy delicacy; a pocket cream with dark chocolate and 100% Arabica coffee, packaged in practical single-dose blisters.

An absolute novelty, a special recipe in which the taste of dark chocolate is combined with the coffee taste and energy booster. Practical to take on the go, when playing sports or on a break from work, and that you can taste at the Stand.

 October 13, 2023